8 Tips for Worry Free Back To School Dental Check-Up

dental check-up

8 Methods For A Successful  Dental Check-Up

Hopefully you spent the summer having fun in the sun with your children. And maybe in the midst of all that fun you put off making dental check-ups for your children a priority.

Fall is upon us and making sure all those well-child appointments and dental check-ups are up to date is part of making sure your children’s upcoming school year is a a success.

The American Dental Association has some great tips for taking the worry and anxiety out of these very necessary check-ups for your kids.

Encourage Age-Appropriate Dental Habits at Home

If you and your family are already practicing good dental care at home, then your child will be less likely to be troubled or concerned about occasional visits to see the dentist. If dental care at home is positive and rewarding your child may actually like going to the dentist because it is more likely to be a painless experience.

Timing Is Everything

Over scheduled children and families seem to be the norm for modern life. It is important to take this into consideration when scheduling appointments. Scheduling at the end of the school day is sometimes a good idea but can backfire if that day was filled with stressful tests. Try to account for these details when scheduling the appointments. Sometimes first thing in the morning is better than after school. A fresh outlook can help ease the stress and get it out of the way for the rest of the day.

Don’t bring a Hungry Child to the Appointment

HANGRY is not a fun emotional state and it is even less fun to be hangry and sitting in the dentists chair. Make sure your child is full and fed prior to the appointment. Being hungry can add additional anxiety and make a child less cooperative. This makes the appointment more difficult for the dentist and your child.

If you are Relaxed your Child Will be More Relaxed

Try to keep your own emotional state in mind when heading to the appointment. Children sense your stress and can emulate your emotional state. If you are relaxed, they are more likely to be relaxed.

Stay Calm

Similarly, if the appointment happens to take a turn in a negative direction, try to be a model of calm. This will help your child ease their own tension and ensure that whatever procedure the dentist is performing is performed effectively, efficiently and as quickly as possible.

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