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6 Tips for foolproof Selfie Smiles

While you may shy away from taking selfies regularly, it is nearly impossible to avoid having your picture taken by someone these days when nearly everyone has a smart phone camera. We've all had that cringe moment when we see a pic of us posted that is less than flattering. Here are some tips to [...]

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CAD CAM Technology Improves Dentistry

Lemon Family Dental is committed to providing our patients with the most innovative technology available in dentistry. Find out how CAD/CAM technology, which is only available at from select dentists in the United States, is improving the patient experience and dental health. Dr. Lemon is proud to offer this technology in his office. 6 Things [...]

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Perfect Lemonade Stand Recipe

It's officially the middle of summer. Take advantage of all those kids wandering your neighborhood playing Pokemon Go and set up an old-fashioned Lemonade Stand! Here is the perfect recipe. Enjoy. Ingredients 11 cups water 6 lemons, juiced (a hand-held juicer is very helpful) ½ cup raw honey (local, if possible)- a lighter tasting honey [...]

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5 Tips for Fresh Breath

Want to keep your breath as fresh as possible at all times? Follow these tips. Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to remove food debris and plaque. Don't forget to brush your tongue, odor causing bacteria can live there too! If you wear dentures, remove them nightly for cleaning before placing them back in your [...]

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to get your child to brush their teeth

Having a hard time getting your children to brush their teeth regularly? This is a very common problem that dentists hear all the time. Fortunately, we have some good strategies for helping to establish this very important life long habit. Get a head start. The best way for kids to establish tooth brushing as a [...]

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Lemon Blueberry Iced Tea

With Summer just around the corner, it is always nice to serve fresh, healthy drinks to friends and family. We think this variation on traditional Iced Tea is the perfect summer twist. Plus we are partial to anything with Lemon in the name! Give this recipe a try on a sunny summer day. Happy Friday [...]

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Floss Like a Boss

Why is flossing so important to dental hygiene? Flossing removes food, debris, and plaque that your toothbrush just can't reach. It is very important to remove plaque from your teeth before it hardens and becomes tartar. Flossing also helps prevent gum disease. Prevention is the best medicine and this is why the The American Dental [...]

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